SEAI Awards 2011

Ascough Consulting Engineers were finalists in two categories at the SEAI 2011 Awards with their Friends First project. This project delivered 40% electricity and gas savings.
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Dramatic Energy Savings at PriceWaterhouseCoopers

Ascough Consulting Engineers are on track to deliver between 30 – 40% savings on PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ modern 2007 Spencer Dock premises. A range of energy saving measures are in place with system fine tuning underway. This dramatic success demonstrates how Ascough Consulting Engineers can extract vast energy savings from even the most modern commercial developments.
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Energy Solutions

Ascough Consulting Engineers has pioneered an approach referred to as HCO (Holistic Controls Optimisation). This is a knowledge based approach that merges building physics with user behaviour creating the potential for high energy savings with low capital investment. The identity and exchange of pertinent variable measured data can successfully allow automated control changes to building...
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M & E Design and Project Management

Ascough Consulting Engineers are known for their attention to detail in delivering value based building service design solutions that meet or exceed building performance expectations. Green solutions do not have to cost the earth and they can lend aesthetic value to a building. The holistic approach that Ascough Consulting Engineers adopts ensures an optimum spend on building services systems today with substantial energy savings in the future.
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Energy Management

Much benefit can be obtained from the implementation of energy savings solutions by monitoring and fine tuning them to ensure the savings are maximized and locked in going forward. Ascough Consulting Engineers generally includes this service with the solutions provided. This process often leads to the identification of new energy solutions and our clients are invited to consider their implementation as they arise.
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M & E Trouble Shooting

Ascough Consulting Engineers has an impressive track record in resolving technical difficulties on building services systems. Ascough Consulting Engineer’s contact with many commercial building owners was initiated in their search for the highest levels of engineering competency in the industry to deal with the challenging technical issues they encountered.
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