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Consistently delivering the best available ways to cut your building energy costs without loss of system performance.

It could be said that the vast majority of commercial and institutional building stock in Ireland today are, to use a motoring analogy, "running with their chokes out". Decades of poor energy design, installation, commissioning, tuning and/ or maintenance have rendered many buildings as highly energy-wasteful. In response to this we at Ascough Consulting Engineers have applied our technical ability and lateral thinking to generating several innovative 'first-in-industry' energy solutions. Our mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, which differ from building to building, have delivered extraordinary energy savings. A key aspect of these savings is attributable to a novel approach referred to as HCO (Holistic Controls Optimisation) that we have pioneered. HCO is a knowledge based approach that encompasses a thorough understanding of the first principles of building environmental building physics, mechanical and electrical engineering systems, user behaviour and Building Managements System (BMS) controls. We have used it to repeatedly deliver high energy savings with low capital investment. As part of the process we identify and modify system control parameters to allow real-time automated optimal control changes to building services systems that minimise the system energy inputs whilst still maintaining the necessary working conditions within the building. Where appropriate we will even reinvent the operation and control strategy of the M&E systems so that it takes best advantage of the capital investments involved. We are so confident that our Energy Solutions service will deliver excellent results that we are prepared to offer it on an Energy Performance Contract basis whereby our fee is linked purely to the energy savings that we make for you, i.e. no savings no fee!